Accepting that they just don't get it..

Today was a struggle. In today's world with all the changes, upgrades, tweets, blogs, parenting website...I am still amazed at the struggle that parents go through when they are trying to get their child's need met. To be a true advocate for your child, you are often seen as a true pain in the butt. It is sad and overwhelmingly scary to a parent with food allergies. My son can die if he comes in contact with a nut. I cannot, for the life of me, begin to tell anyone how scary that is. I cannot for the life of my child forget that my job, as his mother, is to always be there by his side to advocate for him. This is why I am here...hear my roar!! But, just know...other than the fact that I advocate for my roar is usually a whisper and I just need you to hear me. I just want my child to live.

With that's resource recommendation will naturally be  Read this post and understand that as a parent dealing with a child with food hear your roar, to hear your whisper, you really need to know when to roar and when to whisper or it loses meaning...Good Luck!  It's a mad world out there!