A new bakery is opening in our neighborhood. Some initial thoughts I have is to arrange a meeting to discuss how she prepares her products. I have also decided to order a large variety box of her items and going to requests some business cards to utilize at my Monday morning staff meeting. Good food and good free marketing for her as well....with one catch...her posting a sign (after I show her how to avoid cross contamination) that she will offer allergy free products. My hope is somewhat selfish for my son, his recent uninvtes to birthday parties, and also to allow me options when I dont have time to bake for family gatherings. I will update you on how this happens.

My next step is to contact Cincinnati Childrens Museum and discuss their fossil hunt box that includes peanut shells. This is an area that looks like one of the bean buckets with gardening tools for children to explore, dig, and look for dinosaur fossils. An AMAZING and fun idea, but why do there have to be peanut shells in there?  Why not just the current rocks, dirt, sticks, and dinosaur fossils? I will also update you on this.

My next project...seems somewhat more overwheling and scary, but will be Jonah's school. I am hoping for a nut free school. We go to a private school and there are options for taste school safe soy butter that taste the same in my mind and cost the same...just dont want any florida parents coming after me anytime soon, but a mom is a mom right?

Then my final goal of "to do" in advocating for my little men and recognizing that my home and my parents home is nut free, but so does grandma and grandpa's home need this per my little man's, of course this will be his tasks. lol

So, my advocating goals for this month (Food Allergy Week next week), seem all overwhelming, scary, but most of all exciting!  Let me know if you have a situation that you would like advice with on advocating for your food allergy child. I love all the emails and questions I am getting and doing well to get back within 24 hours, so keep them coming!