Allergy Medical Bags

For this food allergy family, having a medical bag with us at all times is crucial. It may not have to be used that often, but it is there when we need it and gives a great sense of security to all of us, including our food allergy kiddo. There are many websites and companies that sale cute and really neat bags that are used for this. Some come in handy with how they are made which really announces that its a food allergy medical bag...which can help in an emergency. Below is some links to some of these items. For this family, our Allergy Medical Bag is a zipped lunch box with Diego on it. It is getting a little dated and I am sure our food allergy kiddo would like something more like Star Wars or Angry Birds, but it still serves it needs for safety. We have it with us at all times...or with him at all times. It goes to every sports practice, every school event, family event, family outing, and even our errands. We do this by having one that stays in the car, a school one, and then the "extra" one. When he was little, we kept one at the babysitters and all the grandparents home. Now that he is older, we just have one at the school, in the car, and the extra one to grab if he is going somewhere without our car. I highly recommend that you explore getting a food allergy medical bag together for your food allergy kiddo. It creates a great opportunity to discuss food allergies, the what ifs, the how to's, and the now what's!!!  In our bags we keep a bottle benadryl, 2 epi pen Jr's, s couple "safe snacks", band aides, moist wipes, extra food allergy medical bracelets, and an emergency card that list all food allergies and a plan of care if he is without his mommy and daddy. Very simple, but has been very helpful many times!