Anaphylactic Shock

The scary part of food allergies...the most dreaded experience..right?  For me, this is constantly hanging over my head and in the back of my mind on a daily basis whether I am with my son or stays in my heart, mind, soul, and head....sadly enough.

So, what is this anaphylactic shock? Its where your child comes into contact with that severe food allergy and scary things can happen.  Its where the vocal cords can swell up, your child can turn blue, coughing starts, trouble breathing, and can result in death if not dealt with immediately.

How to deal with it?  Well, my advice is to always have an epi pen (epinephrine) available at all times and with your child with the severe food allergies at all times.

For my son, he has one in his classroom, one in the lunchroom, one with the nurse, one with the secretary, one at mams hours, one at grandma's house, one in my car, one at his baby sitters, one in my purse, one on top of the refrigerator, and one in each and every diaper bag/backpack we use. But, I still know this is not perfection, but what I am currently capable of to protect my child.

Scary facts:

1. The Epi Pen is the only current treatment for peanut allergy reactions.
2. Most ambulance does not carry an epi pen
3. 55% of school staff does not know how to administer an EPI pen
4. Peanut Allergy is the number one allergy that results in deaths.
5. The Epi Pen is only a temporary relief the swelling. That is why you should call 911 as soon as you administer the Epi Pen.

Some Good Epi Pen Resources: