Educating Yourself...but prepared!

When I started my journey on understanding my son's food allergies, how, what, and when was always hovering over my head. In understanding the contributions of food allergies and the increase during the mid 90's, you need to do your homework. For me, it was reading every single thing I could find on the internet, but then what I kept reading would always send me in the direction of the foods that I and my family were consuming and how these foods were being studied in the connection of the sudden and large increase to food allergies in America. With that said, I am going to recommend some current documentaries that are what I call "eye openers" to the foods we are eating and what they can cause and what they are linked to. I always recommend these to parents and not just food allergy parents, but also any parent that listens to me without walking away ;)

The first documentary was made popular by Oprah herself: "Food, Inc". What I got from this was my first experience to what I call the food curtains...meaning, I could not believe what happens behind those closed curtains to the foods we put in our babies mouths!

The second one is King Corn. This is a great way to grasp how the corn is corrupt and in almost everything we consume.

The third is Food Beware: The French Organic Revolution. This documentary shows a town in France and how they converted to all organic....very interesting views and application!

The fourth one is Foodnation. This is an overall experience of how America has changed our foods and increased our diseases.

These are my favorite "eye openers" and after watching them, for me and most that I recommend them too, changes are made. For my family, it started small. We started changing our dairy, then our meat, and so forth. Our family changes happened over a year span and they are still happening. So, I would love to hear how any or all of these documentaries change you and your family habits! Enjoy and FYI: if you have netflix, they are all on there!