Easter Dinner

So sorry I have not posted in a while. We have been crazy busy with birthdays (husbands and both boys) and Easter. Speaking of Easter…I had to take the time to share this story with you. As many of you parents know, another holiday usually means stress for food allergy kiddos and their parents. The fear of the foods, the possible reactions, and the ongoing fear or anxiety of how you are going to react, be proactive and so forth as you be a parent/advocate for your child. Trying to keep the peace, but keep your child safe…you know the routine. This year, something amazing happened for my family and I wanted to share with you this experience for a couple of reasons. First, it allows you to understand how an act of kindness can mean so much to food allergy kiddos and parents and because it is something you should consider, share, and/or do yourself if possible.
My aunt, whom usually makes the holiday dinners at my grandfathers, contacted my mother to discuss the Easter dinner menu, and requested that my mother assist her in making the dinner “allergy free” for my son and ask how to do this. WOW right??!!! Now, for some of you, your family is there…this is a given based on many of your comments and some of your blogs, but for my family, my small town…this is HUGE!!!!  It is not the norm that the family gatherings we attend are food allergy safe, sensitive, or even safe at times. The menu was simple, semi-healthy (which is not normal in southern Indiana), and allergy free. I cannot even tell you how much relief this caused my husband and me. It was a holiday gathering that my heart was not beating a mile a minute that I didn’t have to watch every little move my son made, every counter space that he touched, and every person who kissed his cheeks…some of my “normal” mommy duties with a child with severe food allergies. It was actually a gathering that I could relax about his food allergies!  This is huge and another stepping stone towards understanding and education about food allergies and dealing with food allergies with extended family members. I HIGHLY recommend that you offer this to your family and if anything “pass it on”, but mainly show that it can be done because today’s dinner still felt like an Easter dinner, but it was a dinner that my child was a part of and in no danger of being itchy all day, getting hives, having a cough, and/or requiring a needle to be inserted in his leg. It was a dinner that I actually had a moment to eat and not have to shield my child from. It was really nice. My son also made a HUGE deal out of it. While we made no comments to him about how it was an “allergy free” meal, he noticed right away that he was eating what his brother was eating and everyone else was eating. The big smile on his face was priceless!!!! Happy Easter!