A few of my favorite allergy friendly foods

I love that there are more and more allergy and organic items becoming available for Middle American folks. While we don’t live anywhere near a Whole Foods store or even a natural food store, I do travel once a month to these types of stores for food items for my little men and when I do, I get so excited when I find new items on the shelf. I go home and almost open all of them immediately for taste testing with my children. This week, we did just that and found some new favorites for the boys. So today, I wanted to share some of our “old time” favorites and some of our new favorite food items when dealing with food allergies and also still trying to be somewhat healthy and organic.
For baking, I have to say I LOVE PAMELA!  These products do call for egg, but work great with egg replacers. The cakes are very moist, light, and taste AMAZING! I use them for cupcakes and birthday cakes and I have yet to find any problems with them. I highly recommend that you try these items:
Also, for baking, we use easy the Enjoy Life brand of chocolate chips and trail mix. These are dairy, egg, and nut free items and work great for cookies and homemade trail mix…and, let’s not forget they are DELICIOUS!
The new items I found this week, Allergaroo, are now my favorite for a quick meal for my little men and also something we packed for lunch this week. They are microwaveable, quick, easy to pack into your little ones lunches, made with some great food products, and allergy free. The choices at Whole Foods store was spaghetti and chili mac.
Finally, my son’s new favorite is the allergy free Mac and Cheese. It is a vegan and dairy free product. This is just another item that your child can eat and feel “included” and the “same”. He get’s so excited when I make this and will often call his mams to say that he is eating “macaroni and cheese”. Priceless right?
So, these are my favorite items this week that I thought I would share. I hope you have the opportunity to try these items. Please let me know if you need any help finding these items as well. Enjoy.