Update on my Goals for Food Allergy Awareness Week

Today’s post is just a quick update on the progress of my goals during Food Allergy Awareness Week. I have had a crazy month and no sleep, but still very productive and blessed for all that has been happening in the food allergy world!
Today was another productive day of educating others on food allergies. I was able to create some packets of information that would be beneficial to schools and was able to deliver the packets to 9 schools in my area. I was welcomed by all in a warm fashion and was thankful that the packets were accepted. Now, fingers crossed that they will be reviewed and even better if they are read. In the education world, teachers and other school staff are all extremely overextended like most of us, but this is such a scary place for parents with children dealing with food allergies and the place where most allergic reactions occur. So, this is the area I have focused on during this week of Food Allergy Awareness Week.
I have also been contacted by some additional schools in the Dayton area to give presentations on food allergies to their school staff, so this is also such a great opportunity to spread the word and awareness. And, one final note, while getting my lunch at Hava Java, as I do every Wednesday, I was searching for a large cookie to assist in my sweet tooth cravings, and asked for some explanations of what was what, and the first thing that was explained to me (these are not individuals that would know me from Joe), “the entire tray on the bottom contain some type of nuts”. Woohoo!  So, far this week as have been a productive week! Continue your work, education and spreading of awareness especially this week, but also, any week where there is a need!
Thanks again for the positive feedback!  Some of you are cracking me up, but most of you make me feel supported and at least understood!  Thanks!