The end of Food Allergy Awareness Week

Coming to the end of food allergy awareness week, I am wondering what will change in my efforts and goals of educating and assisting in the awareness. The reality it, this is so much who I am and what I am constantly thinking of, juggling, and working for that for me and hopefully for many additional parents that are dealing with food allergies...this was just a week we may have "stepped it up'. This should not be the end of the goal of getting society to truly understand the struggles and needs in the food allergy world. Here are a few ideas of how this can continue for working parents, grandparents, caring people, etc in keeping the awareness and education going:

1. Educating when it comes up in every day conversations.
2. Forwarding updated and informational information to friends, family, and community leaders.
3. Sharing ideas on food recipes for allergy free needs.
4. Promoting awareness in your own family (nut free family gatherings)
5. Volunteering as a voice where it may be needed.

Just remember, people don't have a clear understanding of the true facts of food allergies, the possibilities, and the impact on the families. Educate them as much and often as you can when it seems appropriate. Do not hesitate to contact me for any questions and concerns on how to be a part of this. Good luck and Thank you!!!