Favorite Food Allergy Products

With this family now being in their almost 7th year of the food allergy train...we have come to have a good list of favorite food allergy products. The "tried and true" of the many items out there to assist with food allergies. From food products to safety products. Here is just a few of them and when I have more time...I will add some more! Enjoy!

These are your typical rubber bracelets. You can find these everywhere!  BUT, why we loves these much better than your typical medical alert bracelet is how durable they are, cheap, and bright. This type of bracelet has always been noticed right away on my son. It is amazing how many people don't recognize a medical bracelet, but for some reason...these are always seen. They also withstand the wash machine...this I know from personal experience based on the thousands of times I have washed my sons. They don't come off easily thought which is great! And, we have never paid more than a $1 for one of these. I bought a bulk package of 6 about 4 years ago and still have two in our junk drawer.

Pamela's cooking products are...in this family....a necessity!  We use these for a quick cupcake, birthday cake, Christmas baking, the brownies, the white cake mix and the chocolate cake mix. We always keep these on hand as well as our parents for baking..especially last minute party for out food allergy kiddo. They are easy, work really well with egg replacers and only need oil, and water with the egg replacer. Cheap, organic, quick, and just gives your little food allergy kiddo another chance to have what others are around them!

This egg replacer is used for all our baking needs. We love this product because it works amazing when baking, lasts FOREVER (still have same box I bought years ago!!) and while we do use some other egg replacers, when baking and when you need the outcome to have the same consistency as baking with eggs...you cant beat this! This is very simple to use as well.

Believe it or not...this is our favorite go to icing when we need a quick cupcake for a birthday party at school or friends house. I keep these around for a quick grab, but they are also allergy friends, cost less than a couple bucks and while we love making our own icing for this working mommy, always having options for something quick...this is our pick for icing...also the sprinkles work really well to dress up a quick cupcake as well!

For a quick lunch or snack for your hungry allergy kiddo...these are a family favorite. The fish sticks are our personal favorite, but we do use the chicken nuggets as well. They are allergy friendly, quick in the oven or microwave (we prefer oven for the crispy touch) and organic. They come in a small box and cost around $6 but there are a good amount in the box, but most of all...they taste great!

Okay...these are my son's FAVORITE!  He has one EVERY SINGLE morning for breakfast for the last couple years and they are usually his go to after school snack!  They are allergy friendly, organic, and delicious! They are best in the toaster and still good in microwave. We find them for about $3.50 a box and when they are on sale for around $2.99 we buy 6 boxes for the deep freezer. Favorite flavor, per our food allergy kiddo: Blueberry!

Last, but not least...our go to frozen pizza. There are many out there. You just need to try some to find your personal best, but for my allergy kiddo...this is his. Simple with just sauce and soy cheese. The sauce is really good and it bakes really quick. For an individual size, we pay around $6 a piece though. We find them on sale every so often and buy a bunch to justify cost.

These are some of our food allergy kiddos favorite and some family favorite's as well. As you continue on your food allergy journey, you will find that many of these products work really well in today's hectic world, but that you also have many options..especially these days to find your own favorites!