Allergy Friendly Easter Treat Ideas

With Easter approaching..(one of many scary holidays for food allergy kiddos), I thought I would share some of our favorite treats that the Easter Bunny likes to leave at our home.

First, I do make most of the chocolate items in our baskets because its just so darn easy!  I have several molds such as bunnies, spring flowers, Easter eggs, etc. These are sold at places like Target and Walmart for a couple dollars or on for cheaper. I melt Enjoy Life name brand chocolate chips in the microwave for about 60 seconds, then stir, then repeat until completely melted. Then I pour them in the molds and refrigerate until solid. Then I wrap them in colored aluminum foil which I found online for about $3 a roll. This saves money, I know there is no contamination because I did it myself, and plus...they taste REALLY GOOD!
Additional allergy safe items we use are the following:

Other than that, we don't get a lot of candy from the Easter Bunny except for some plastic eggs with some skittles. sweet tarts, and maybe a pack of gum in them. However, the kiddos love their chocolate bunny and their huge fans of the Annie's products!
I always recommend that you make your food items for your kiddos, but as a busy mommy myself, I love that their are additional safe items out there to fall back on!  Hope everyone has a safe and fun Easter!