Allergy friendly Homemade Pop Tarts

Today's goal: to find a better homemade, natural pop tart recipe that is also allergy friendly & healthy! My little allergy kiddo has recently out grew a strawberry allergy so I also wanted to use something with strawberry. 

Today's recipe only included: organic strawberry jam, phyllo dough, melted butter, organic sugar, and I also included some sprinkles. 

Simple simple simple!! I placed one sheet of dough, then brushed on melted butter, then again, but sprinkled sugar, then two more layers then sugar. I did this 2 more times then I added tablespoon of jam, then did 6 more layers on top with every other one adding a sprinkle of sugar. Then I used a knife to cut 6 rectangles, pinched their ends (all 4) closed and baked at 350 degrees for 20 minutes. When they were cooled I brushed top with butter, added sprinkles of sugar, and some sprinkles. Boys LOVED them!! One proud mommy!!   

Not a million additives....check!
Allergy friendly.....check! 
School snacks made & bagged...check!